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TheraProteins About Us
About Us


TheraProteins is the leading supplier of oligosaccharide reference standards for the Quality Release Testing of recombinant pharmaceutical glycoproteins and for glycobiology research  

TheraProteins offers the world’s largest number of N-glycans for use in:

  • Quality Control-testing of recombinant glycoprotein pharmaceuticals
  •  In production process optimization / product quality optimization  
  •  In lot-to-lot consistency/stability studies of drug substance and drug product 
  •  In the developmental phase or final stage of biotechnological processes. 
  •  Market release or glycoprotein pharrmaceuticals

 We deliver 10, 20 or 100 µg quantities of highest purity (>96%) individual N-linked oligosaccharides suitable for cGMP compliant testing of pharmaceutical glycoproteins via glycan mapping procedures (HPAEC-PAD, mass spectrometry, labeling procedures etc).

?  Up to 10 mg quantities of many of our oligosaccharide structures are available upon request.

?  TheraProteins also supplies oligosaccharide libraries, e.g., for recombinant antibody glycosylation mapping (> 30 different glycan structures found in recombinant antibodies from CHO cells), cell lines and serum proteins TheraProteins also offers custom preparation of quantified glycan structure mixtures/libraries (quantified by a cGMP-certified laboratory according to a validated SOP used for GMP compliant release assays).

 ?  N-glycan structures are isolated from recombinant cell lines (CHO, BHK and HEK cells) or culture supernatants thereof. A combined approach using specific glycosidases and glycosyltransferases is used for preparations of some of the structures.

?  Purity is checked by HPAEC-PAD procedures and by ESI-MS or MALDI/TOF-MS and structural identity is confirmed by NMR analysis and/or MS-MS of the basic structures.

?  Apart from the N-glycans listed in the catalogue, TheraProteins offers also custom preparation of oligosaccharide structures for clients from the pharmaceutical industry and for research laboratories.