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TheraProteins Services

Oligosaccharide libraries from recombinant cell lines and from primary cells

 Oligosaccharide Libraries for recombinant therapeutics (cytokines, glycoprotein hormones, antibody-fusion proteins) have been supplied to our customers from the biotechnology industry for their drug substance and drug product quality release tests and lot-to-lot consistency monitoring via oligosaccharide profiling/mapping procedures.

 TheraProteins offers also cell glycosylation analysis and can provide custom service to prepare reference oligosaccharides from recombinant cell lines: 

  • CHO cells
  • BHK cells
  • HEK cells
  • Myeloma cells
  • Others upon request 

In the area of cell therapy our company can provide service technologies for screening of correct cell glycosylation during in-vivo expansion/culturing of cells enabling the monitoring of any changes of cell surface glycosylation. This test is a sensitive measure of quality and reproducibility of cell culture.

Custom services 

TheraProtein`s custom services include contract manufacturing of sialylated or neutral oligosaccharide libraries/panels with structurally defined individual glycans of outstanding quality and precise quantification.  In case a required structure is not contained in the catalogue, TheraProteins is in many cases capable of providing those oligosaccharides by applying enzymatic methods involving glycosyltransferase / glycosidase reactions along with core structures from our N-glycan collection.
  • Synthesis of oligosaccharides
  • Preparation of defined glycopeptides 

Due to more than 15 years of experience of its staff members and contract laboratories, TheraProteins can offer custom services for preparation of defined complex-type N-glycans. TheraProteins also offers glycopeptides with defined N-glycan decoration (5- 20 aa peptide length) from recombinant sources .

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N-linked oligosaccharides with a  NeuAc?2?8NeuAc?2?3Gal motif

Sulphated complex-type N-glycans

Reduced forms of N-glycans


Other services

  • IEF

  • SDS-PAGE / Western Blotting

  • SEC

  • IEC


  • Sialic acid determination (NeuAc; NeuGc)

  • O-acetylation of sialic acids

  • HPAEC-PAD mapping of oligosaccharides

  • Method development for N-glycan mapping